Easy, Low Cost Financing

Another financing option that is available through us is WRCOG HERO financing for new Heating & Air Conditioning Installation. HERO Financing helps you get your HVAC financing at low interest. The program’s objective is to offer comparatively low interest rate to spark local economy and reduce utility cost. At Amber, we work with WRCOG HERO to offer the most energy saving HVAC products.

In addition to low interest rates and easy repayment schemes, the WRCOG HERO financing provides:

Energy Savings: The WRCOG HERO program finances products which consume less energy, consume less water or produce clean renewable energy. Energy savings is based on the product you select and how much you spend on electricity and gas. We can show you much energy you can save regularly.

Tax Credits: Certain products qualify for tax credits which may reduce your federal and state income taxes.

Tax Write Offs: HERO Financing is a property tax assessment and repaid on your property tax bill. Payments may reduce your federal and state income tax.