Why Summer HVAC Service is so Important

HVAC systems may be built to last a long time and withstand any weather condition but a pre-summer tune-up is always in order. No matter what type of system your home unit has, it is important to ensure that it is ready for the summer heat. This ensures that it is in prime condition going into the summer months. Tune-ups are particularly important if you want to avoid a non-functioning air conditioner or an overheated system. Here are a few reasons why summer HVAC service is so important:

Benefits of Summer HVAC Service

Preventative maintenance

For those that have already experienced a mid-summer breakdown, it goes without saying that a pre-summer HVAC system tune-up is beneficial as it helps in the prevention of costly repairs now and down the road. The Corona maintenance professional will be able to identify any problem areas that may need addressing before they become critical issues. As your system will be overworked during hot weather months, examining your air conditioning unit’s components will help in avoiding a failing system or any future mishaps.

Increased efficiency

In order to ensure that your HVAC system can keep up with the summer heat, a tune-up will help in increasing its efficiency. During the process, dirty filters are replaced and this ensures that the system is running at peak performance.

Lowering your utility bills

An average pre-summer tune-up can save an upwards of 15% on your monthly energy bills. Considering the fact that sufficient ventilation and cooling is needed during the summer means that cutting down on electricity bills will go a long way. The money you will be able to save on power alone can cover the estimated $100 in household maintenance expenses.

Ensuring thermostat quality

A summer HVAC service ensures that all the critical components of the system are well inspected before it is put to use during the summer. A thermostat is a temperature control guide and a pre-summer tune-up ensures that it gives the correct reading. For instance, when the thermostat is set at 70 degrees; that should be the temperature in your home.

Better quality of indoor air

This is perhaps the most important reason for conducting a pre-summer tune-up on your HVAC system. Many choose to service their system in the spring in order to avoid any breakdowns that may occur in the summer. This will, in turn, improve indoor air quality which often causes a number of respiratory issues.

Lubrication of bearings and other moving parts

A tune-up often involves the lubrication of moving parts. By applying the right amount of oil to the system’s most delicate parts, friction will automatically be removed. As such, even if the HVAC system is frequently used during summer months, its components will not wear out prematurely.

Extend the lifespan of your system

Taking a proactive approach with a pre-summer tune-up will extend the overall lifespan of your HVAC system. A tune-up is considered a service that prolongs the life of the system and cuts down on costly repairs.

Ensuring that your HVAC system undergoes a pre-summer tune-up will allow you to keep your home’s cooling during hot weather months in tip-top shape. Remember, the more efficient your system, the less you will spend on repairs and monthly bills.

If you weren’t able to get your system serviced before summer, don’t wait to reach out to our team at Amber Air for AC maintenance as the summer season fills up fast! Don’t miss out on the many benefits of a summer HVAC service, schedule now.