We at Amber Air Conditioning know that not everyone has a background in HVAC air conditioning and heating system maintenance, or even how the systems work – even though all of us have HVAC systems and are cooled and warmed by them throughout the year. While we don’t expect to train the world on how HVAC systems and maintenance works, we do believe that a little background knowledge in these areas will help homeowners make more informed decisions on the HVAC services they are looking for; this is why we work hard every month to bring our clients and readers helpful heating and air conditioning tips, HVAC resources, and warnings about what homeowners should lookout for during the various seasons in the year. Follow our blog to enrich your knowledge of your home HVAC system:

4 ways to heat your home without electricity

Electricity is an important part of everyday life. We all have become accustomed to having electricity at home every hour of every day. We need electricity to get ready for the day and get ready for bed. We must have power to function, especially when it comes to staying comfortable in our homes. However, there

3 tips to keep your electric bills under control

Electric bills seem to increase each and every month and this can be hard on a home owner’s pocketbook. It is important for home owners to try and keep their electric bills down so they can afford other bills in the home. There are several options that home owners can take to keep their utility

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Types of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a type of heating that is considered central type of heating because it provides indoor climate control to make the home more comfortable. Underfloor heating can heat a home using three different types of heat production: conduction, convection, and radiation. The phrase radiant heat or radiant heating is often times used to

How Efficient Is A Geothermal Heat Pump?

Geothermal heat pumps or GeoExchange have been used in homes since the 1940s. This type of heat pump is earth-coupled, water-sourced or ground sourced. This type of heat pump uses the temperature of the ground or water as a means of collecting or exchanging heat instead of using the air as a means of collecting

Ductless Air Conditioning Solutions To Choose For Commercial Purposes

A ductless air conditioning system offers the combined comfort of a window AC and a central air system. It comes equipped with an indoor evaporator or fan unit and an outdoor compressor. In this system, a small conduit is attached for transmitting cool and hot air between the two parts. Also known as the split

Know about Eco-friendly heating systems for your home

Saving energy and supporting the environment is important to many people all over the world and this is why eco-friendly heating systems are catching on rather quickly. Technology is constantly changing and newer models of heating systems are constantly being created so home owners have eco-friendly and energy saving options. There are a few options

Mini air conditioning systems

Mini air conditioning systems are the smaller varieties of the central air conditioning systems which are set up in big complexes and buildings. The components of these smaller AC units are same as their larger counterparts and works on the same principle. However, in case of these mini AC systems the consumption of energy is

Portable Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioning Sometimes you get tired of living in one area for a long time and now you finally decided to evacuate. So you start packing everything in order and what remains unpacked is your air conditioner unit that is installed in a window frame and start wondering how much time you will take

Understanding the Best Air Conditioning Installation Options

When it comes to a new air conditioning system installation, there are many factors to consider. One of these factors is the brand of air conditioning unit. There are many different options from Carrier to Trane and homeowners can be confused as to which brand of unit to purchase. It is important to find out