How To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

Summer brings plenty of pleasures to look forward to; however, the sweltering, steam bath–like days are nothing to look forward to. The good news is that there are a number of summer cooling tips for surviving a hot spell without sending the electricity bill soaring. The heat of summer can mean astronomical power bills if one relies solely on air conditioning to keep the home cool.

Cooling Tips for Your Home

· One of the most effective house cooling tips is to prevent heat buildup within the house. Many household appliances and fixtures such as lighting and electronic devices are sources of internal heat gain. Therefore, one should position the television, lamps and other heat producing appliances far from the air conditioner’s thermostat, since the heat that such devices produce causes the cooling unit to think the house is hotter than it is, resulting in the cooling system working harder than is necessary and wasting energy.

· On hot summer days, heat comes directly through unprotected windows as if there was no window at all. Some simple tips to stay cool in summer are to shade the windows that are facing the sun using awnings, shades, blinds, and pergolas with deciduous vines. Another good option is to put a reflective film on the glass.

· Tests have proven that keeping the outdoor air conditioning unit cooler can improve the performance of the system by up to 10%. One can do this by planting shrubs and trees that allow air to flow around the unit while providing shade at the same time.

· A good way of saving on cooling costs in the summer while keeping the house cool and comfortable is by using a ceiling fan first. Most people turn on the air conditioner as soon as it starts getting warm; however, there is a better and cheaper option. It is better to turn on the ceiling fan when it starts getting warm, and when it gets too hot for the ceiling fan, use a fan and the air conditioner together to improve cool air flow around the room.

There are many more cooling tips for the hot season; however, the best defense against the scorching summer heat is to schedule a maintenance inspection to ensure that the air conditioning system is working properly.